chef mike hart-1200px.jpg

this is not chef mike hart’s first time out on the pier.

mike was initially trained as a sushi chef right here in hampton roads, virginia. his training led him to open his first restaurant, the original sushi aka in 2006, just a mere block and a half from his restaurant’s current location. with the original, mike won numerous awards including best sushi roll and best dessert.

in 2012, mike set off to philadelphia, pennsylvania to continue his training for 3 years at sushi bar with morimoto and later as an executive chef at zama. his experience there increased mike’s previous training by adding exotic and foreign fish as well as some traditional techniques in sushi preparation.

today, mike welcomes you to the regeneration of sushi aka in the heartbeat and center of downtown suffolk, virginia at 116 west washington street… just a short drive from any where in hampton roads. make a reservation today, and be sure to say hello to mike when you get here.